PSP – Partial Discharge Services

Partial Discharge causes progressive brake down of MV/HV insulation where PD activity occurs. PD activity can be present in new installations and can form over time as equipment ages. Partial Discharge is commonly missed during routine maintenance. Knowledge of MV/HV Partial Discharge activity and the detail of associated defects is essential in establishing asset condition. PSP Online Partial Discharge Services allows for targeted essential maintenance and for confidence into continued asset health.

PSP utilise multiple sensor types, Oscilloscope test techniques and PD test instruments from several PD product suppliers to target defects and to baseline, trend and assess asset condition.

PSP Partial Discharge Services are complimented by the wider PSP in house disciplines & services including:

  • PSP Installation & Construction capability including new builds, retrofits and remedial repair works.
  • Test and Commissioning service including system testing and “Tester in Charge” Competent Engineers Level A, B & C staff.
  • Full “in-house” design from initial concept to full detailed design (Form EA/EB).
  • A complete Project Management and Engineering service including CRE and CEM roles.

PSP core business combined with 12 years world-wide online PD testing experience make PSP the ideal solution to PD detection, location, remedial action and asset condition reporting.