Image: Power Supply Projects staff attending Crewe Hall for a session with Network Rail and Setters

Recently, as part of a safety standdown, Power Supply Projects held a joint behavioural/culture event at Crewe Hall in collaboration with our client – Network Rail LNE and East Midlands Works Delivery Team.

This event was facilitated by the Setter’s Behaviour Development Team who we have been working closely with, its aim to further develop and enhance our culture, as we embark on a new 5-year framework in partnership with Network Rail.

We believe this will set an environment for a culture that strives for open, honest and transparent dialogue and excellent teamwork in partnership with the Works Delivery Team at York.

Image: Feedback being provided to the room from one of the multiple small group sessions.

Our thanks go to Ed Collinson and his team for supporting us on the day and entering into the spirit of the event. We hope to run several more themed events like this in the near future.