Works Completed at Gosforth Depot

Power Supply Projects Ltd as Principal Contractor has recently completed the construction phase for a replacement 11kV rectifier transformer & new 1500V DC by-pass switching arrangement at Gosforth which is now in operational service on the Nexus Tyne and Wear Metro Network.

Following a transformer failure at Gosforth Substation, Nexus Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive Contracted Power Supply Products Ltd to monitor & investigate power at Gosforth Depot under a temporarily arranged re-energisation from an alternative supply arrangement. The core outcome of the investigation resulted in the specification of an upgraded duty class of transformer and a recommendation to integrate new DC switching to provide an alternative feeding arrangement which would allow for both rapid response to any future power loss and greater flexibility for the routine maintenance of switchgear assets.

In September 2019 Power Supply Project Ltd were further awarded a contract for the replacement class VI 2666kVA, Transformer and for the installation of the alternative feeding arrangement. Within the project Power Supply Projects Ltd developed & manufactured a new DC Ground Mounted Isolator product which is now available to the wider market.

This new product is now in-service supplying the alternative feed arrangements for the Depot 16 weeks after contract award.

Power Supply Projects Ltd has completed the Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning works meaning that Gosforth Depot now has a dedicated Transformer Rectifier Unit and alternative feed arrangement providing contingency.

Power Supply Projects Ltd would like to thank Nexus for the collaborative work ethos clearly evident throughout the project.