Competition in Connections, DNO Contestable Connections & the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS)

Competition in Connections (CIC) is the term attributed to the opening of the market for the design, procurement and installation of new assets necessary to accommodate a new or modified electricity connection. Everyone has the option to have connections work (Contestable Work) carried out by a Independent Connection Provider (ICP) such as Power Supply Projects, who must be a National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) accredited contractor.

Lloyds EMEA operate NERS on behalf of the UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).
Accreditation under the scheme provides PSP with the following benefits:

  • Accreditation recognised by all UK DNOs enabling us to carry out Contestable Works nationwide
  • Independent assessment and registration process, which demonstrates our proven capabilities
  • Assignment of an accreditation mark which will represent our achievement of a high technical, quality and safety standard

In accordance with NERS, PSP are permitted to carry out Contestable Work on all UK DNO networks.

PSP has achieved Accreditation for the following scopes of NERS registration:

  • Design for LV, 11kV and 33kV
  • Civil Works including Excavating and Backfilling (also Highway works)
  • Cable Installation for LV, 11kV and 33kV
  • Cable Jointing & Terminating for LV, 11kV and 33kV
  • Substation Supply and Installation up to 33kV

One point of contact

Whether your need is Domestic, industrial or commercial, PSP will provide a competitive grid connection offer, suited to your requirements.

Thanks to our in-house expertise we can assume responsibility for the following elements of your project. With only one trusted point of contact, you minimise the risk of any schedule delays, incidents or quality breaches:

  • Design of connection from POC to your site
  • Procurement of all cables, switchgear, and transformers required to make the connection
  • Civil engineering works including excavation of the connection route, cable laying from the POC to your site or the installation of overhead lines, and reinstatement
  • Construction and installation of the required electricity substations
  • Commissioning of the installed connection assets
  • Project and site management of all works
  • Records of the connection assets, as installed.